A Review of the Winning Books of the 3rd Ed. of the ACBPF Award 2016 Reviewed by:
Distribution Challenges in the Arab World By Ali Al-Sha’ali Emirati Publishers Union Vice-President Al-Hudhud House for Publishing and Distribution               I dream that books may someday transform into immigrating birds and fly to Arab readers everywhere. We all dream of that day.
Interview: Guest: Ghassan Rabie, Rabie Publishing House GM Rabie for Publishing and Distribution is a remarkable Syrian house. It has been a member of ACBPF since 2009. We are glad to welcome its GM, Mr. Ghassan Rabie in this interview:
Habituate Reading to Find Peace of Mind                         On a ten-hour trip between Casablanca and Oujda in the far east of Morocco, one must prepare all means of comfort; foremost of all is booking a first class seat. Then one may only pray to find a friendly companion.
  Eulogy of Abd Al-Tawab Youssef
      “One Thousand and One Titles” Intellectual and Cultural Innovations in UAE By Rashed Al-Kous  
A Study by Ya’qoub Al-Sharouni The Controversy of Language, Digital Media, and Writing for Children
By: Suhail Ibrahim Esawi Children’s stories instill ethical values within our students. In addition to entertainment, they teach children listening and concentration. Stories also introduce children to Arabic, which is a vital part of their identity and heritage. The issue here is how committed we are to deliver this art perfectly.