Budour Al Qassimi Elected President of EPA for the 2nd Time



By a majority vote, Emirati Publishers re-elect Sheikha Budour Al-Qassimi as Chairperson of the Board of Directors of the Emirati Publishers Association (EPA) for the second time. This biennial election also resulted in electing Ali Al-Sha’ali as Vice-Chairperson, Ali Bin Hatem as Secretary of the Secretaries, Mohammed Bin Dakheen as Treasurer and Nouh Al-Hammady as Member.

Sheikha Budour Al-Qassimi was head of the Committee of Professional Development in the Arab Publishers Union. Besides, she was the first Arab woman to be elected to the Executive Committee of the International Publishers Union in 2014. She started her publishing journey in 2017 by establishing Kalemat Publishing House, which won numerous local and international awards. In 2013, Kalemat encompassed a number of distinguished publishing houses; “Horouf, Rewayat, and Maktaba.

Sheikha Budour Al-Qassimi is currently the Founder and Honorary President of the UAE Boards on Books for Young People (UAEBBY). She launched the Etisalat Award for Children's Book under the umbrella of UAEBBY in 2009. She also started the “Read to the Children of Syria” initiative, a children's library that contains 3,000 books the first of its kind for Syrian refugees in the region.

She also chairs the organizing committee of the Knowledge without Borders Project (KwB), which distributed free books to more than /42,000/ Emirati families in Sharjah. KwB launched the “1001 Titles” initiative in 2016/ 2017 in line with the Year of Reading.

Sheikh Budour succeeded to draw attention to the high standing of UAE's publishing industry. Thanks to her continuous efforts, Sharjah was able to host the 3rd Arab Publishers Conference in November 2015 and the UAE Copyright Forum in 2017.