“One Thousand and One Titles” Intellectual and Cultural Innovations in UAE




“One Thousand and One Titles”

Intellectual and Cultural Innovations in UAE

By Rashed Al-Kous


The “Knowledge without Boarders” project sought to launch a number of cultural initiatives in Sharjah, which is distinguished by its culture and versatility. The most important one of these initiatives is the “One Thousand and One Titles”. It aims at publishing (1001) Emirati books, within the next two years to go in line with the initiative of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed AL Nahyan, UAE President to declare 2016 as the year of reading. In addition, the initiative meets the constant instructions of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qassimi to support and advance cultural activities in Sharjah, and endorse intellectual innovations in UAE.

The “1001 Titles” initiative concentrates on supporting writers, publishers, and authors. In addition, it aims to enrich Arab and human civilization. Hereby, it will motivate Emirati youth to write, contrive, and aspire for universality. The initiative has a website through which publishing houses may send book proposals to be considered for publishing. The initiative has a goal of publishing over one million books and promoting them around all cultural fora within the next two years.

Regarding children’s cultivation, “1001 Titles” identifies a set of standards for publishing children’s books. The most important standards are exhilarating subjects which invigorate imagination, up-to-date accurate information, and well-illustrated content which enriches children’s intellect with spiritual, humane, social, and patriotic values.

After all, the reasons behind launching the “1001 Titles” initiative are to help increase Emirati publications, enable distribution in Arab countries and among Arab communities residing in UAE, and support Emirati authors. Simultaneously, it will provide financial and moral infrastructure for the sustainability of local and Arab publishing houses operating in the country. Moreover, Emirati publications will have better chances of winning Arab and international awards.